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Strange Froot USA
Our mission here at Strange Froot USA is to become a platform for burgeoning and accomplished artists using fashion as a medium. We serve to connect independent black artists and their creations with consumers who appreciate their contributions to the culture. After all "The fruit does not fall too far from the tree."
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The Worthy Collective

Creator of "The Logo Series" Capsule
WoRthy74 is an artist raised in the Lower East Side section of New York City. His artwork is based on his major influences as a young man growing up in NYC in the 80’s and 90’s; most notably: graffiti, hip-hop, comic books, cartoons and fine arts, particularly surrealism. The central theme of his work is related to the characters and the stories he has created for them; usually in an urban landscape, but often in the surreal world of clouds and buildings. The vast majority of what he creates is a stream of consciousness, an amalgamation of text, stories he's read, social observations, his characters and his unique sense of humor. WoRthy74 is the the founder and curator of "The Worthy Collective," a conglomerate of highly talented and immensely skilled artists. Most recently, he teamed up with Strange Froot USA to produce the artwork featured in "The Logo Series'" capsule.